Preparing the students to get a full-time job in japan in their respective field, we offer JOB PREPARATORY Course scheduled for a duration of 1 Year. Along with Japanese language (Nihongo)and culture training, a series of Seminars and lectures are provided to the students teaching them business manners. The course aims to prepare the students for job hunting activities and for job interviews, making it ideal for foreign students who aim to settle in Japan after the program.

Candidate will undergo basic Japanese coaching (N5 Level) in India, trained by professional Japanese Trainers while simultaneously processing their student visa. The subsequent intermediate level (N4 &N3 Level) is delivered in Japan by Reputed Japanese Institutes authorized by the ministry.

Designed to meet the requirements & expectations of the hiring Japanese companies, the course trains the candidates in 3 main aspects :

  • Japanese Language Skills
  • Cultural Awareness to Respect Japanese Culture and Etiquette's
  • Behavioral Skills

Class Hours

Course Curriculum

Applicant Qualification

• 20 to 30 Years of Age
• Knowledge in Hiragana and Katakana
• Must be university graduate
• Preferably Hotel & Restaurant or Any Related Course Graduate
• Can speak English

Tuition and Other Fees

Work while studying

During the duration of course on a student Visa, the students are provided the option to work part-time for a maximum of 28 hours / week during regular school period and 40 hours per week during break period. Along with helping the students with his daily expenses, the part-time job gives opportunities for the students to be able to practice his language skills, be immersed in the Japanese culture, and to train him within a Japanese work environment who is highly renowned as professionals and businessmen.

Work schedule and wages

Japanese language classes are usually scheduled for a half-day on weekday, so you can work either in the morning or the afternoon depending on your class schedule. You can also work anytime during weekend as there will be no class.

Hourly wages depend on the location and the skill of the employee. As of 2018 , the minimum hourly wage in Tokyo is 958 Yen /Hour , Osaka has a minimum hourly wage of 909, Kyoto’s minimum hourly pay is of 856 and Okinawa at 737 yen. You can check the numbers on this report. As per law foreigners would also get same wages as Japanese Counterparts.

Minimum Earnings while studying

Hours per month Minimum
Regular School Period 112 Hours 107,296 Yen INR 70,000 / $1,000
Vacation or Break Period 160 Hours 153,280 Yen INR 100,000 / $1,400

Earnings seen above is for working a minimum wage job on weekdays only for day shifts. If u work on Weekends and holidays you earn almost double. If you work the night shift, you will get 25% up! For professional jobs like Accounting, Engineering and Language teacher the hourly wages range from 1500 – 3500 Yen per hour. Working as a English teacher you can make up to 250,000 Rupees working 28 hours a week. So, you have more opportunities to save!
Also there are some job can offer up to 15,000JPY/ day (5~8 hours) depending on your skills, health condition, Japanese level and most importantly your willingness to the position.
During long holiday (around 4 weeks), it is quite common that students can make from 200,000~400,000JPY depending on the job type and conditions.

Restriction to types of jobs

It is strictly prohibited by laws and regulations for foreign students to work in entertainment service establishments that may affect public morals. For example, the students cannot work at places such as bars and cabarets where servers are seated at the customer’s table to serve, or pachinko parlors and mahjong houses etc., even as a dishwasher or a cleaner.