Accommodations for students in Japan

Students coming through JESP will have different options in regards to accommodations once in Japan. Depending on availability, a student will be able to decide whether they would like to live in a JESP Dorm, a School Dorm, or a External Housing of their choice (not affiliated with the program).

Living Description

Students staying with JESP accommodation will be sharing a dorm, which can be a entire house or a large apartment depending on location. A unit or a house will have 3-4 bedrooms that will be shared by roommates. There will be common areas such as a kitchen and bathroom and there may often times be a mix of gender, nationality, and religious backgrounds in one dorm.

Students will need to understand that your residence maybe smaller compared to your own home, and some cultural differences such as to sleeping on Japanese flooring with a Japanese futon. It will be a supportive environment, however, in a way that you will be introduced to many different students from various background who will be experiencing same difficulties to adapt with different life style as well as Japanese culture.